Netent and Microgaming Overview

  • Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

As more people become interested in online slot gambling, it all comes down to established game makers like to decide the fate of the gaming industry. There are many players involved in the online gaming industry, but the biggest companies are Netent and Microgaming. These two dominate the gaming industry by far.

Who is Superior Between them?

Microgaming has had a unique approach to the online gaming industry. It believes in unique philosophies and viewpoints. The company has dominated the casino games industry for decades now. In fact, renown online casinos like are powered by Microgaming. It has powerful softwares that can handle a large number of users and games.

Basing on its approach, you can say that Microgaming represents the old and past quard, while Netent represents the future and fresh blood. In terms of providing excellent online gaming services, the two go head to head. Each company has its own strengths and weaknesses. We compare each one of them and give a verdict!

  • Microgaming represents the old and past guard.
  • Netent uses the most recent technology.
  • The two go head to head in providing services.


Microgaming vs Netent Comparison

When you compare the two, it is no secrete that Microgaming has an edge over Netent. This is in terms of years in operation, durability and company size. By far, Microgaming is the most experienced and oldest gaming company in the world. It gives gamblers a guarantee of quality and sense if familiarity.

The sense of belonging and affiliation has got many people still believing in Microgaming products. Gamblers have fallen in love with their slot games and online poker. The company has stood the test of time and remains firmly in control. With the introduction of modern technology, Microgaming has become the undisputed King of online casino games.

What are Netent Strengths?

On the other hand, Netent is younger compared to Microgaming. Its high quality products has earned it a seat at the high table. As much as might have been in operations for as long as Microgaming, it has lots of exciting games like When Pigs Fly. It also has the best security systems in the industry.

How do their Servers Compare?

In terms of servers, Netent has much more superior servers. Its servers are powerful and fast compared to those of Microgaming. Perhaps, this is the reason why more gamblers are shifting towards Netent. Their servers provide the best security in the industry and players won't be worried about being hacked, interfered with or break down.

  • Netent games are very entertaining.
  • It has the fastest servers in the industry.

What is Netent's Best Approach?

Except for the norm that Netent is 'young', it is has been in operations for almost as long as Microgaming. The reason it is referred to as 'young' is because it only started making an impact recently. The best approach to Netent slot games is through studying the slot machine. It gives you higher chances of winning.

Who is Superior?

Microgaming have their on areas of strength. Microgaming for instance, relies on durability and experience, while Netent has the superior servers with the best security.Netent also offers games with the best graphics, soundtracks and gameplay. Online reviews have ranked Microgaming ahead of Netent but in real sense, there is very little between them.